[CM] How do I reference a network share?

Phil Sobolik epsobolik@rcn.com
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 23:23:26 -0400

Well, that seems to have done it.  I had to:

1.  create a .profile in ~ with:
export PATH=".;$PATH:/Macintosh HD/Applications/ccl"

2.  create a script, runcm, with:
cd /Applications/CM.app/Contents/MACOS/cm-2.4.2
bin/cm.sh -e EMACS

(cd "/Volumes/WORKGROPU\\\;EPS042002")
(load "test.cm")

gives expected results with no errors.


Thanks for holding my hand through that.  Now, I can start working!!

:Phil Sobolik

At 07:19 PM 8/23/2004 -0500, you wrote:

> >So, that would seem to be one difference.  I may have downloaded OpenMCL
> >from SourceForge (thinking that it was necessary).  Is there a way to tell
> >CM which one to use?  Is there a way to tell where each one is?
>if you mean it works in one version of openmcl and not in another then you can
>certainly build cm in the version you want to use.
>bascically all you need to make sure the 'openmcl' unix command installed on
>your system starts the openmcl version you want (you should NOT be involking
>dppccl directly in any case -- see the openmcl docs on how to install 
>their 'openmcl
>  commend.)
>once you know that 'openmcl' starts the version you want to use, do this:
>     $ cd /path/to/cm
>     $ bin/cm.sh
>thats it. cm should compile and load in the openmcl that you want to use.
>see cm/doc/install.html for more info