[CM] CLM-3 -> back to CLM-2

Anthony Kozar anthony.kozar@utoledo.edu
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:13:57 -0400

On 8/24/04 7:08 AM, Bill Schottstaedt<bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> etched in

>> Based on HISTORY.clm, perhaps the version from June 14, 2004 would be good.
>> This is before all of the config changes but includes all of the last clm-2
>> improvements. I thought there were old versions available on ccrma-ftp,
>> but I didn't seem them. Bill, are the old tarballs around anywhere?
> I don't have older versions of the tarball, but I'd be happy to store
> any version you like on ccrma-ftp -- whatever works I always say.
> We probably have the previous versions on backup tapes.

Are you looking for someone to send you an older version, or can you
retrieve a specific version from backup if requested?

Michael's suggestion of the June 14th version sounds good.  I have the June
15th version but that is too late.  The last version that I have without
configure is May 19th.  I could send it to you if you want.

Thanks again for your help.

Anthony Kozar