[CM] How do I reference a network share?

taube@uiuc.edu taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 19:19:49 -0500

>So, that would seem to be one difference.  I may have downloaded OpenMCL 
>from SourceForge (thinking that it was necessary).  Is there a way to tell 
>CM which one to use?  Is there a way to tell where each one is?

if you mean it works in one version of openmcl and not in another then you can
certainly build cm in the version you want to use. 
bascically all you need to make sure the 'openmcl' unix command installed on
your system starts the openmcl version you want (you should NOT be involking
dppccl directly in any case -- see the openmcl docs on how to install their 'openmcl

once you know that 'openmcl' starts the version you want to use, do this:
    $ cd /path/to/cm
    $ bin/cm.sh 

thats it. cm should compile and load in the openmcl that you want to use.
see cm/doc/install.html for more info