[CM] How do I reference a network share?

Phil Sobolik epsobolik@rcn.com
Sat, 21 Aug 2004 16:10:36 -0400

More info on my network share problem:

I have a Windows XP and an OS X computer on a home network.  The XP 
computer has an external USB hard drive that is shared.  I can see the 
drive on the Mac and mount it (SMB) and view the files in the GUI.

In a terninal, ls /Volumes shows the shared drive as WORKSTATION;EPS042002 
- WORKSTATION is the name of the workstation and EPS042002 is the network 
name for the computer in XP.  ls /Volumes/WORKSTATION\;EPS042002 gives a 
list of the files on the drive.

In CCL (dppccl), (load "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\;EPS042002/test.cm")  gives 
'Illegal directory string "/Volumes/WORKSTATION;EPS042002/" while 

Also in CCL, (load "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\\;EPS042002/test.cm") works - 
#P"/Volumes/WORKGROUP\\;EPS042002/test.cm" and a test fn in test.cm works 
as expected.

However, in CM (load "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\;EPS042002/test.cm") gives 
'Error in process listener(2): File 
"/Volumes/WORKSTATION\\;EPS042002/test.cm" does not exist'

So, it doesn't look like an OpenMCL problem.

Phil Sobolik