[CM] How do I reference a network share?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:59:00 -0500

hmmm. CM does not touch CLtL's 'load' function nor does it do anything 
to pathname functions or pathname variables.
So I dont know what the difference that you report could be due to. 
However i notice that the string that fails in CM:

is the same one that causes you problems in the first case:

> In CCL (dppccl), (load "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\;EPS042002/test.cm")  
> gives 'Illegal directory string "/Volumes/WORKSTATION;EPS042002/" 
> while executing:  CCL::%DIRECTORY-STRING-LIST
> However, in CM (load "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\;EPS042002/test.cm") gives 
> 'Error in process listener(2): File 
> "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\\;EPS042002/test.cm" does not exist'

what happens when you use the double \\ as in the case that succeeded, 
ie please send me

(load "/Volumes/WORKSTATION\\;EPS042002/test.cm")

Im also very confuced as to why you are getting different error 
messages for the same problem in the same lisp --  Exactly waht Lisp 
implmentation version are you using? Maybe you coud include the value 
of  (lisp-implementation-version) in each error you report so I can 
understand better exacltly which lisp you are using.