[CM] stereo?

alin weiller alinweiller@caramail.com
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 02:10:22 GMT

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Hi, I try to create a stereo sound but don't succed, I'm suing locsig.

The peace of code below should produce a sinusoide on two channels

I save  it in the file sin.ins

(definstrument sinuso (time duration frequency)
   (let* ((srate *clm-srate* )
         (beg (floor (* time srate)))
         (end (+ beg (floor (* duration srate))) )
         (car (make-oscil :frequency frequency))
         (loc (make-locsig :degree 60 :distance 1 
                           :reverb 10 :channels 2)))
     (loop for i from beg to end
           (locsig loc i (oscil car))))))

then try this

(compile-file "/home/a-lin/CMCLM/sin.ins")
(load "/home/a-lin/CMCLM/sin")
(with-sound () (sinuso 0 1 440))

The result is a sinusoide but on one channel


Please help me, I start to become crazy


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