[CM] Changing the menu font in Gtk Snd

Frank Barknecht fbar@footils.org
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 20:54:19 +0200

Dave Phillips hat gesagt: // Dave Phillips wrote:

> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >Screenshot here: http://footils.org/images/snd-gtkrc.png
> > 
> >
> Uh-oh... that looks pretty good... all the menus are there... hmm... 
> could it be time to bid adieu to my motif build ??...
> Nice work, Frank...

Well, as I wrote, it wasn't much work at all, once I was told, where
to configure this. Gtk looks much more modern than Motif, but that's
not new. I was using snd_conffile.scm for the screenshot, which
doesn't include your nice button bar. 

But now it occured to me, if it wouldn't be a nice addition to have a
standard button toolbar below the menubar for some common functions
like copy, paste, transport (start,stop,...) and so on.  I grep'ped
through the source looking for "toolbar", and there is a lot of stuff
inside xg.c, but I don't know yet, what it does and if this could be
used already to create and configure a button toolbar.  But then, even
a hardcoded toolbar could be useful.

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