[CM] RE: osx-package

Rick Taylor ricktaylor@speakeasy.net
Mon, 8 Sep 2003 12:06:30 -0500

On Sun, 7 Sep 2003 10:12:01 -0500
"Rick Taube" <taube@uiuc.edu> wrote:

> > I can open it by double-clicking the application icon, but 
> > don't know how to
> > transform the command line in the shell script.
> > (From the terminal one must now write emacs -nw)
> Hi, if you installed the OSX 10.2 Emacs.app from porkrind then the
> terminal command
> 	% emacs
> Should automatically launch the GUI Emacs.app instead of the console
> emacs that comes with OS X. At least it does on my machine and I didn't
> do anything to get this functionality. But if 'emacs' does not start the
> Aqua emacs, then you can simply edit the script file in CommonMusic.app
> and use whatever command starts your Emacs.app. This script file is:
> /Applications/CommonMusic.app/Contents/MacOS/cm.sh
> Edit this file and put whatever command launches your GUI emacs. For
> example, if you want to use Xemacs then edit the file and uncomment out
> the xemacs launching line that I put in there in case someone wanted to
> use it. The command that cm.sh currently uses is:
> emacs   --load "/Applications/CommonMusic.app/Contents/MacOS/cm.el"
> IF that doesn't start your Emacs.app you might try starting it using the
> OSX 'open' command, ie something like this might launch CM in your Aqua
> Emacs:
> open Emacs ---load "/Applications/CommonMusic.app/Contents/MacOS/cm.el"
> Unfortunately Im at home on a piece of crap windows machine so I cant
> test it out. But if it doesn't work then 'man open' should tell you what
> you need to know.

 Ntemacs is about the same. Common music is available as well.

 This is to the Cygwin setup program...


 Download it, click on it and follow the menus... It will install cygwin
 on your machine... {Very functional xserver, all the command line stuff,
 all kinds of xapps, etc...} You can opt to have it set up ntemacs. I,
 personally, prefer to use this version under windows:


 You do want to read the faq as well as the manual. 


 Alternately you can run this


 It has a similar setup program {Which also sets up cygwin.}

 Common music:


> Regardless of which GUI emacs you actually use be sure to pass it the
> --load ... arg so that it loads the cm.el file.This is the file that
> does most of the work.

 You probably want to load it in your .emacs file... I'd suggest reading
 the emacs manual regarding proper setup and installation.
> There might be some way for the installation process to actually set
> things up ahead of time so that script files are  installed correctly
> when you install the app but unfortunately I don't know anything about
> the .pkg packaging Apple provides for OSX. Its probably possible though.