[CM] build-probs-openmcl-OSX.2.8

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 27 Oct 2003 06:56:16 -0600

Thank you for your trace, looking at it I can tell you what went wrong. 
(how brave of you to generate sources from CVS! )

Your problem is that you compiled and loaded CLM then compiled CM with 
CLM. So far so good.
But then on the second pass you just loaded CM:

	; Sources were compiled. To save Common Music,
	; quit and restart Lisp, then reload cm.lisp.
	? (quit)
	bash-2.05a$ openmcl
	Welcome to OpenMCL Version (Beta: Darwin) 0.13.6!
	? (load "/Lisp/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.lisp")

In other words, on the second pass you forgot to load CLM first. So 
CM"s compiled symbols were expecting a CLM package but didnt get it. So 
to fix the problem do:

	(load "/foo/clm-2/all.lisp")
      (load "/foo/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.lisp")

and that should do it.

Ive had a flurry of messages of late from intelligent people having 
problems installing CM. Obviously I am going to have to make this 
processes easier, including a "1 pass" install...