[CM] Issues with foster.cm?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:13:54 -0500

 > Error: ':H' is not an initialization for #<STANDARD-CLASS CYCLE>.

Yes, that should be (new cycle :of '(h h))

 > Is foster.cm stale?

Yes its a stale file. The one in the pattern chapter of the book is 
also stale. I just fixed it in cvs but here are the changes:

Change the p2 random pattern in your version to:

	        (p2 (new random
               :of `((,(new cycle :of '(h h)) weight .375)
                     (,(new cycle :of '(q q q q)) weight .125)
                     (,(new cycle :of '(h q q)) weight .125)
                     (,(new cycle :of '(q q h)) weight .125)
                     (, (new cycle :of '(q h q)) weight .25)
                     (w weight .125)))))

and then the events call at the end of the file to:

;;; Sample call that generates 4 parallel foster processes
;;; in different octaves. Select "Slow Strings" on the four
;;; channels to get a pretty good Copeland sound....
; (events (list (foster 90 -12 0)
;               (foster 90 0 0)
;               (foster 90 12 0)
;               (foster 90 24 0))
;        "foster.midi")

 > BTW, does anyone have a simple working CM they could send me just to 
see if I have built the system successfully.

I just made some binaries for my class this morning (win32/clisp, 
MacOS9.2 MCL, OSX/OpenMCL) but they are untested: