[CM] CM newbie looking for working .CMs for Lisp

marco@ccrma.Stanford.EDU marco@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 11:29:45 -0400

Hi Rick

As for Debian, as you might have noticed from my previous emails, i'm
in the "active" packaging process, for the all "trilogy".
ClM and CMN are ready (clm is already alvailable and for cmn i'm doing some
pretesting in local machines before distributing it, as soon flu would
give me a short break...).

Next will be CM which requires some little extra work, basically due to
the usual big dilemma  "binaries vs. sources". I went for the sources
as for clm and cmn and lobbying (myself) for cm in sources as well.
(again the basic reason that led my to go for the sources is to leave
open the option for the user to compile on different lisp flavours).
Still the source way still reuiqre some little fixing in the
installation script, where ...your help could be very useful for me
(as, for example, being able to decide if i want or not to dump a CM
image the second time i run it... i saw in documentation a mention to a
"save t" but does not seem to be a variable that can be redefined with
a defparameter).

Once the all three are ready for Debian, you are, of course, free to
include them in your CD in any way you need. The apt & debconf
processes take care of all the installation and set up, and user does
not have to wonder about the installation details (so the scripts you
were mentioning would run at that time...and maybe you could help me
out with them as far it concerns CM) . In a "clean" Debian system
there is ""almost"" (99.something%) noway that this process fail (with
a preprepretesting CM packge that i run in two quite different Debian
machines the "three" work with no problems).

Making binaries for your CD would mean to consider Red Hat, Debian
..and Suse, mandrake, gentoo ...plus two or three lisp flavour for


 23/10/2003 alle 09:32:03, -0500, Rick Taube [AKA taube] ha scritto/escribió/wrote:

> application without problem. I am debating if the CD for the book 
> should include canned CM binaries or if I should tell people to 
> download and build.  I would like to do the former, bu,t for example, i 
> cant gurantee that a linux binary  will run on a given machine without 
> also providing all the requred libs. So then i have to worry about 
> different redhat versions, debian version and on an on.
> So if i tell people to build from sources  it has to be a simple 
> process that someone with no understanding of Lisp can do.  
> Unfortunately, based on the email i get, it seems that my current build 
> process is difficult for new people -- I cant assume that people can 
> start a lisp up and the type "(load "/foo/bar/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.lisp")".  
> Maybe I need an install.sh script or a ./configure or something.
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