[CM] CM newbie looking for working .CMs for Lisp

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 09:32:03 -0500

> Aha. I did do that when I saw it in the install notes. Maybe I should 
> try again without that. I misunderstood that to be necessary to use 
> Lisp.

If there is anything that is unclear in the installation notes please 
let me know. I assme you read the install.html file at sourceforge 
(http://commonmusic.sf.net/doc/install.html)  Im asking because I have 
to make sure that a new person can read the directions and build the 
application without problem. I am debating if the CD for the book 
should include canned CM binaries or if I should tell people to 
download and build.  I would like to do the former, bu,t for example, i 
cant gurantee that a linux binary  will run on a given machine without 
also providing all the requred libs. So then i have to worry about 
different redhat versions, debian version and on an on.

So if i tell people to build from sources  it has to be a simple 
process that someone with no understanding of Lisp can do.  
Unfortunately, based on the email i get, it seems that my current build 
process is difficult for new people -- I cant assume that people can 
start a lisp up and the type "(load "/foo/bar/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.lisp")".  
Maybe I need an install.sh script or a ./configure or something.