[CM] CLM debian package (cmn and cm to come soon)

marco@ccrma.Stanford.EDU marco@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 14:55:40 -0400

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for the clm Debian users in the list:
(i wonder if the above sentence refers to a community of two and an
half persons...:-) )

I've made a clm debian package, that is available for testing in my
own machine (it is an adsl server it could be slow but i dont expect
too much traffic...:-) -see above-).

Soon after the maintainer that sponsor me will approve it should enter
in the official Debian unstable.

In the next days there will be available also cmn and cm (cm will
include to whole "trilogy" cm-clm-cmn).

how to get it:
in your /etc/apt/sources.list add thei line:

deb http://trevisani.net/clmdeb ./

save it and close it then run

apt-get update
(or you favorite apt-get alternative/gui etc.)


apt-get install clm
(or you favorite apt-get alternative/gui etc.)

NOTES (important):

I work with unstable (sid) but, since clm deb packge comes as sources
compiled during the apt-get installation process, there is no
particular reason for it not work on stable and testing too.

I decided to distribute the debian packages for clm and cmn as sources
that compiles at installation time (similar to the emacs modules or
the other cl-xxx packages in Debian).  The main reason for this choice
is to make it available for ANY lisp flavour, either clisp, cmucl,
sbcl.  [ This is NOT true for this first testing release, which
depends on cmucl, which is the lisp compiler i use and in which i
tested it. there is no reason for clm not to compile in the other two
mentioned lisp compiler, but i didnt have the time to make the test]

CMN, which should be ready by the end of this week, will follow the
same concept (much easier to package).

CM. The idea of distributing clm and cmn as sources also depends on the
fact that by installing CM clm and cmn should recompile first before
CM by default save an image and here i still  have some doubts on the
right approach, that's why this will take a bit longer:
1) package cm-clm-cmn as an image (not good, because of the dependency
on one specific lisp or shoudl i create three different images)
2) generate the image on the installation time
3) run the "trilogy" without image, loading compiled binaries, which
takes just few seconds more to load than the image.

My prefenrence goes for the third choice.

hope this will be useful to someone, a part for myself...



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