Ken Locarnini renueden@earthlink.net
Sun, 19 Oct 2003 22:10:53 -0700

I recently compiled the whole ball of wax and now all works, thanks. 
The Planet distro is broken up in places unfortunately.  The only 
problem I'm having is in playing "pluck.ins", I get the following error:

[9]> (with-sound ()(pluck 0 2 110 .3))
;;   Loading file /home/nunativs/sound/cm/clm/rc.pool.cl ...
;;   Loaded file /home/nunativs/sound/cm/clm/rc.pool.cl
*** - EVAL: the function DOUBLE-FLOAT is undefined
The following restarts are available:
R1 = abort current note.
R2 = close files and return to top-level.
R3 = jump past remaining notes.

Thanks for any help as allways,