[CM] Re: your CM plots

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 06:15:14 -0500

Given that you already know how to output xfig data it would be very 
simple to define an 'xfig-event-stream' io class and then define the 
handful of methods that write xfig header data to it in the format you 
want. Then yuu just  define a write-event method for objects you want 
to plot, ie
(define-method (write-event (obj midi) (out xfig-stream) scoretime)

Another,  perhaps better route,  would be to define a mapping of 
plotter's classes (plots, axes and points) to xfig objects such that 
the call (xfig plot1 plot2 plot3) would output an xfig file version of 
the plot(s). The nice thing about this is that it would still be very 
useful even if i can get a display plotter working again.  The plotter 
code is on the ccrma ftp server:
The file plot.lisp contains all the basic (non-display) code for 
creating plots and axes.  This file could be easily converted to scheme.

At some point this fall i will try to get plotter going using bill's 
gtk2 lib.

On the xml notation code, I will will have something to show in a few 
weeks i think.