[CM] ilisp and emacs 21.3

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl@folkwang-hochschule.de
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 13:12:23 +0200

Hi Tobi,

Am 16. Oktober 2003, 23:14 Uhr (+0200) schrieb Tobias Kunze Briseņo:
> hi orm-
> remmeber, inferior-lisp and ilisp are competing packages.  use one 
> or the other, but not both.  try starting your xemacs with the -q
> option; inferior-lisp should work out of the box once you issue
>   M-x load-library inf-lisp RET
>   C-0 M-x run-lisp RET clisp RET 

Thanks for pointing out the ilisp and inferior lisp package problem. I
always thought, they refer to the same thing. I run emacs and not
xemacs (no discussions, please!). The code Rick sent didn't work out
of the box (with my GNU emacs). I will give it a try later.

In the meantime I've tracked down part of the problem: On a freshly
initialized emacs, *inferior lisp* processes and lisp-mode buffers
work. They stop working as soon as I load scheme-mode for the first
time (e.g. by visiting a scheme buffer). It must be something
scheme-mode-hook specific. I'll check that later but in the meantime
use different emacs processes as a workaround.

Thanks for the help,