[CM] openmcl-darwin-midishare

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 07:31:27 -0600

On Thursday, Nov 27, 2003, at 19:15 America/Chicago, Per Bergqvist 

> Hi list!
> I am trying to get a working copy of CM-2.4.0.dmg.gz
>  with - openmcl- 0.13.7, MacOSX-Jaguar
> with Midshare-1.86 (for realtime-support), CMN and CLM.

if you will be working with all these systems together you might find 
using the current CVS CM sources easier  than that old tarball you 
have-- in preparation for the book's CD Ive totally redone CM's build 
process to make bundling these systems easier. THe biggest change is 
that you will not have to hardwire images with varsious groupings of 
CLM+CM+CMN+MIDISHARE  at compile time - you can keep all these sysmtems 
totally seperate and then jujst load CLM CMN and Midishare fasls into 
your CM "dynmaically" when you actually want to use them and everything 
will work. I havent said anything about this to the list yet because im 
still testing it in all the various lisps but it seems to be working 
quite well. A few things will change over the next few days but its 
very close to being 100% complete.
I have not updated the install.html page yet: to build from the cvs 
sources you just restore them to your macihine, boot lisp and do (load 
"/whatever/cm/src/cm.lisp") and the new build processs will generate 
.lisp files if it has to, compile, load and (optionally) save an image 
in one pass. then you can boot this image and load each clm, cmn and 
midishare  when you actually want to work with them.

> Before getting to work, this being the first time experience
> , building a lisp-image from source, I feel the need for some
> guidence !

I installed the binary distribution of OpenMCL 0.13. I have head that 
building OpenMCL from its sources is a very involved processs so I 
would avoid it if at all possible. You certainly dont need to do that 
to get clm+cmn+cm+midishare. Sorry but I cannot remember how I got 
darwin-headers -- I may have simply untarred the openmcl source tarball 
inside the binary folder and gotten it that way or perhaps I created it 
by hand.

> What are the correct installation of MidiShare and MidiShareDev
> respectively for OSX ? By default  the MidiShare.app gets installed
> within "Applications Folder" (including a link to ~/user), and
> MidiShareDev gets installed at root-level, if not alternative
> directory is chosen at installation. Are these the correct places fro 
> these
> files to work together, or are they in any case dependent upon
> "relative placement" within file hierarchy ??!!

 From what I understand Grame is almost done with their OSX release of 
Midishare except for a bug they have with the latest Quicktime . Until 
they release their distribution for OSX, the directions I have on the 
install.html page are not correct. So I would hold off on midishare 
until Grame announces it. If you really dont want to wait then I can 
make my working midishare Frameworks available for you do download.