[CM] OSX - OpenMCL .14, build from CVS w/ CLM

Robert Sayre mint@franklinmint.fm
Sun, 09 Nov 2003 13:21:03 -0500

Ah, I found the other emails about missing iter.lisp after I sent my first
email. Sorry for that.

Anyway, OpenMCL .14 has class-slots and class-direct-slots, so I changed
src/openmcl.lisp accordingly, but now I've run into problems that aren't so
simple. I think I'm stuck for now.

? (load "/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/cm.lisp")
; Loading "/Users/myuser/music/cm/bin/pkg.dfsl".
; Loading "/Users/myuser/music/cm/bin/openmcl.dfsl".


; Compiling "/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/sco.lisp".
; Loading "/Users/myuser/music/cm/bin/sco.dfsl".
> Error in process listener(1):
>   The class #<STANDARD-CLASS EVENT-STREAM> was specified as: a
>   super-class of the class #<IO-CLASS SCO-STREAM>;
>   but the meta-classes #<STANDARD-CLASS STANDARD-CLASS> and
>   #<STANDARD-CLASS IO-CLASS> are incompatible.

On 11/9/03 8:17 AM, "Rick Taube" <taube@uiuc.edu> wrote:

> if you install from cvs then you need to generate the lisp sources. see
> step 4 under:
> http://commonmusic.sf.net/doc/install.html#install_cvs
> I think ill have to add an explicit check for this in the make script,
> which i am redesigning anyway to make it a bit easier for people to
> use. i havent had a chance to build cm in the 0.14 openmcl, once you
> get it compiled please send me your diff and ill encorporate those
> changes.