[CM] OSX - OpenMCL .14, build from CVS w/ CLM

Robert Sayre mint@franklinmint.fm
Fri, 07 Nov 2003 19:03:16 -0500

It *almost* builds, with a little change to openmcl.lisp, since OpenMCL .14
seems to have CLASS-DIRECT-SLOTS (am I mistaken?):

Welcome to OpenMCL Version (Alpha: Darwin) 0.14-031018
? (find-symbol "CLASS-DIRECT-SLOTS" "CCL")

Line 58-59 of cm/src/openmcl.lisp currently reads:
(defun class-direct-slots (class)
  (ccl:class-direct-instance-slots class))

could be changed to this:

(defun class-direct-slots (class)
  (ccl:class-direct-slots class))

or this:

(defun class-direct-slots (class)
  (ccl::class-direct-instance-slots class))

Not sure which is better.
However, the build fails later on, as it seems to be missing the file

? (load "/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/cm.lisp")
; Loading "/Users/myuser/music/cm/bin/pkg.dfsl".
; Compiling "/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/openmcl.lisp".
; Loading "/Users/myuser/music/cm/bin/openmcl.dfsl".
; Compiling "/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/clos.lisp".
; Loading "/Users/myuser/music/cm/bin/clos.dfsl".
; Compiling "/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/iter.lisp".
> Error in process listener(1): File #P"/Users/myuser/music/cm/src/iter.lisp"
not found
> While executing: CCL::FCOMP-FIND-FILE

iter.lisp does not appear to be in CVS. Am I missing something?