[CM] OSX-emacs/xemacs

daniel mayer herbstmondwind@web.de
Sat, 8 Nov 2003 13:45:53 +0100

Rick Taube <taube@uiuc.edu> schrieb am 04.11.03 15:53:06:

> btw I recently found (and switched to) a less buggy/better looking 
> version of Emacs for OSX:
> http://www.mindlube.com/download/files/emacs-osx-10-25-03.dmg
> it seems to scroll better using the scroll-bar and it handles shell 
> args much better than the one at porkrind. the only thing that it 
> doesnt do is install a link to the Emacs.app as /usr/bin/emacs and the 
> site-lisp directories so you will have to do this by hand.

Dear Rick,

Fine, that there is an another alternative emacs!
The link, You gave, is for OSX 10.3, 
but anyway there is a version for 10.2, too.
The mindlube-emacs seems to have a conflict with
fink-installed xemacs. I could launch it only after
doing 'fink remove xemacs'.

Best Regards

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