[CM] the XCM start file

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 16:20:08 -0700

> Though, I have a question about the book/cm, the xcm script file that
> suposedly must be created at compile time, didnīt appear in my machine

you should find both a cm and an xcm script in whatever directory you saved
the binaries to.
but this doesnt happen when you compile the files, it happens when you load
cm.lisp a second time -- that will save the lisp image and generated the
scripts. You should see a message in the Lisp window to that effect when it

> Second (well, yes i said ONE question before), the syntax
> highlighting/indentation/whatever features presented in the examples are
> the representation of the real examples? they work in XEmacs?

yes, syntax highlighting can look like the html pages (and even better) in
You can turn highlighting on under the Options menu in Xemacs.
I will be writing an appendix that disusses xemacs and xcm but
not for a week or two, i have to get the manuscript off to the publishers