[CM] Re: "System error" loading Common Music

Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu umbpux@tin.it
08 Mar 2003 02:30:19 +0100

The cryptic error message was caused by a naif guile error handling.
I improved it someway and now I get the full error:

(load "/home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.scm")
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/guile.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/goops.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/level1.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/loop.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/utils.scm
In unknown file:
   ?: 0* [primitive-load "/home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/utils.scm"]

<unnamed port>: In procedure open-file in expression (primitive-load
<unnamed port>: No such file or directory:

Most of the files listed in cm.scm appear to be missing:

ls *.scm

clm.scm  data.scm   guile.scm   io.scm      load.scm  midi1.scm
cm.scm   goops.scm  import.scm  level1.scm  loop.scm  midi2.scm 

Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu.