[CM] "System error" loading Common Music

Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu umbpux@tin.it
08 Mar 2003 00:56:53 +0100


I'm trying to load Common Music in the Scheme interpreter embedded in my
application. I'm using the Guile interpreter distributed as snd-guile
and my system runs PlanetCCRMA/RedHat 8.0.
I get this error message:

Scheme interpreter (Guile version 1.5.6) is ready

(load "/home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.scm")
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/guile.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/goops.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/level1.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/loop.scm
; Loading: /home/maurizio/Exotic/cm-2.4.0/src/utils.scm

which is not enough for me to understand the problem.

Any hint?

Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu.