[CM] Reverberation Question

cristopher pierson ewing cewing@u.washington.edu
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 13:02:43 -0800 (PST)

Howdy folks,

I have a question regarding reverb in CLM output.  I have been messing
around with it and am really impressed with how slick the integration of
reverberation can be.  My problem is that I haven't really ever found a
software-based reverb that I liked particularly well.

When I was working in CSound, I designed output instruments that would use
opcodes like locsig or space to allocate the appropriate amount of signal
to a reverb channel, but would then write the reverb channels as extra
channels of output.  This allowed me to have the kind of control over
reverberation of each individual event that I could get only from software
synthesis, but also get the kind of high-quality reverberation that seems
only to be available from outboard reverb units like a lexicon reverb box.

Currently, it seems that the behavior for reverb in a with-sound (or
clm-load) is as follows:
	If a reverb is specified (via :reverb keyword parameter for
	with-sound) then one or more channels of reverb are created
	(dependant on :reverb-channels parameter).
	An output file is created which holds only the send to the reverb,
	and then the reverberated sound is mixed back in with the direct
	sound in the final output file.

What I am wondering is this: would it be possible to modify this behavior
so that if no :reverb argument was given (or if the argument given was
NIL), and :reverb-channels was specified to be some number greater than 0,
then the reverb send material would be written as additional channels on
the output file?  Alternatively (and perhaps better), the reverb file that
gets written anyway could still be written and then the reverb mixing step
could be skipped, so that in the end you would be left with a reverb
signal file, and a dry signal file, and could then remix these through an
outboard reverb box at a later time.

Just a thought.

Any responses from the creators?


Cris Ewing
CARTAH Assistant
University of Washington
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