[CM] some new questions about the new Snd

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
18 Jul 2003 05:03:20 -0700

>   I'm rewriting the material on Snd for the next edition of my book.
> Obviously I'm making a *lot* of changes, and I have some 
> questions about the newer versions of Snd.

Great!  I look forward to reading it.  I'll check the first version
later today and send along whatever comes to mind.

>         1. Can Snd access the Common Music functions ? If so,
> can someone give an example ?

I think so -- I'll try to get to this today.

>   I've looked into jcrev.scm and it does look as if things have 
> changed, but I'm still unable to make it work. Suggestions ?

The new versions of the CLM-based instruments all now assume 
they're used within with-sound or some equivalent.  A quick example:

  (with-sound (:reverb jc-reverb) 
    (fm-violin 0 .1 440 .1 :reverb-amount .2))