[CM] oh them changes...

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 07:04:32 -0400


  In v.1 of the BLMS (see sig) I was able to say that this worked:

	(jc-reverb 2.0 #f .1 #f)

  If I try that now I get this error:

	> (jc-reverb 2.0 #f .1 #f)
	"Too many arguments."

  If I start removing arguments I get these errors:

	> (jc-reverb 2.0 #f .1)
	mus-channels: wrong-type-arg: Wrong type argument (expecting "a
generator"): #f

  I've looked into jcrev.scm and it does look as if things have changed,
but I'm still unable to make it work. Suggestions ?

Best regards,

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