[CM] CLM under windows

frantisek stafek f.stafek@volny.cz
Sun, 6 Jul 2003 22:37:58 +0200

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> >> Or does CLM work better with Lispworks under Windows 2000?
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> > I don't know anything about this.
> when i last looked (a while ago) the free lispworks for windows was a
> joke, it had a small heapsize and a "session time limit" as well.
> there really isnt a good free lisp solution on windows -- clisp is the
> closest but its FFI is hopeless. i think there is a native guile in the
> works for windows, you might consider using the clm/snd code using that
> at some point.

Anyone tried to work with CLM under Corman Lisp (free for noncomertial use)?

Frantisek Stafek