[CM] A problem with :scaled-to?

Michael Klingbeil michael@klingbeil.com
Fri, 28 Feb 2003 01:02:50 -0500

I seem to remember experiencing this a few years back. I think the 
problem for me was that for some reason a huge value was being output 
(like a nasty click) and since this became the maximum amplitude, 
everything else was scaled to the point of inaudibility.

I don't recall whether this was a bug or a problem in the instrument. 
Since switching to clm-2 (and making the appropriate tweaks for 
MacOS) I haven't had any problems like that.

Try adding a :statistics t to your calls to with-sound (if you 
haven't already). If the maximum amplitude seems ridiculously huge 
(in the thousands) then perhaps that is the problem.

Also, maybe there is a way to save the intermediate result before 
scaling so that you could look at the sound file and see if there is 
some kind of nasty value in there? But I'm not sure exactly how to do 


>I have an interesting problem that crops up every once in a while.
>When using the with-sound control parameter :scaled-to, I've discovered
>that on occasion it will squelch output.  That is to say, even though I
>may request an output scaled to 0.9, I will get nothing at all.
>Has anybody else had this problem?  I dont seem to be able to figure out
>any signs of when exactly this happens, there is no special characteristic
>of the calls to with-sound that fail versus those that actually create
>If I can help this by sending any output, could someone tell me what to
>output and how, so I can better describe the problem?
>Thanks muchly,
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