[CM] CLM stochastic synthesis instrument

Anders Vinjar cmdist@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
18 Dec 2003 17:25:41 +0100

    DP> I've never tried building the Motif interface components
    DP> with CLM. Has anyone else here tried doing so,
    DP> particularly with CMUCL ?

At least the graphical interface-part works allright, (with the
normal cmucl-caveats about max one instrument-definition pr-file
etc).  The 'make-controller call builds a graphical interface,
ready to be displayed on the screen with the desired labels,
knobs, sliders and whatnot, when the auto-built program
(ie. "./bess", "./bess1" or whatever) is called from the

Unfortunately, in the cmucl compile-&-load cycle, the
".cmucl"-file contains the abbreviated name of the "fasl"-file
(compiled code), the expression:

  (load "/div/notam02/site/cm-sys/clm-2/bess")

- which gets confused with the graphical controller in our case
here.  One quick solution is to rename the graphical controller
to something else, say "bess-controller", not messing with the
cmucl-compile/load cycle.

There's the mentioned bug about empty strings in the
'make-controller call triggering a break in a call to
'lisp->c-name, so just substitute every empty string down in the
'make-controller call with a "a" or whatever for now

With-psound is not working here at the moment, giving errors
about not being able to open the dac, but i think that stems from
sndlib being in a current state of flux between machines here at
the moment.