[CM] CLM stochastic synthesis instrument

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 10:40:48 -0500

Anders Vinjar wrote:

>In CMUCL it seems you need to adjust the :init-array argument a
>bit.  The default argument in the instrument hits some error
>while being tweeked into certain types of bytes further down in
>the instrument. Try the various versions coming out from the
>supplied 'ran-list function.  They all function straight (with
>latest cmucl-version).
>Heres one call which should work straight:
>(with-sound () (stochastic 0 10 :xwig 1.0 :ywig 10.0
>                  :init-array '((10 0) (1 0) (2 0) (3 0))))
Yes, that works fine. Thanks, Anders !

>At least one obstacle is getting the interfaces build properly
>under CMUCL.  The code in rt.lisp calls 'lisp->c-name, which
>stops at empty strings (at least for CMUCL).  Here's an example
>from bess1.cl which i beleive gives us the same trouble as the
>code in 'stochastic.ins:
>(make-controller "bess1"
>		 '(dur "duration" :label "ivory2" "red")
>		 '(on-off "play" :toggle t)
>		 '(0 "" :separator 8 :double)
>                  ....
>hitting an error while calling '(elt "" 0) somewhere in

I've never tried building the Motif interface components with CLM. Has 
anyone else here tried doing so, particularly with CMUCL ?


== dp