[CM] CLM stochastic synthesis instrument

Anders Vinjar cmdist@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
18 Dec 2003 15:29:42 +0100

>>> "DP" == Dave Phillips <dlphilp@bright.net> writes:

    DP> The current CMUCL image with CLM/CM/CMN fails to run
    DP> stochastic.ins.

In CMUCL it seems you need to adjust the :init-array argument a
bit.  The default argument in the instrument hits some error
while being tweeked into certain types of bytes further down in
the instrument. Try the various versions coming out from the
supplied 'ran-list function.  They all function straight (with
latest cmucl-version).

Heres one call which should work straight:

(with-sound () (stochastic 0 10 :xwig 1.0 :ywig 10.0
                  :init-array '((10 0) (1 0) (2 0) (3 0))))

    DP> Bill, what version of Lisp are you running ? Does anyone
    DP> know the what & how for getting stochasticRT.ins running
    DP> under Linux ?

At least one obstacle is getting the interfaces build properly
under CMUCL.  The code in rt.lisp calls 'lisp->c-name, which
stops at empty strings (at least for CMUCL).  Here's an example
from bess1.cl which i beleive gives us the same trouble as the
code in 'stochastic.ins:

(make-controller "bess1"
		 '(dur "duration" :label "ivory2" "red")
		 '(on-off "play" :toggle t)
		 '(0 "" :separator 8 :double)

hitting an error while calling '(elt "" 0) somewhere in