[CM] CMN - ligature marks

Bill Sack wsack@acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:00:57 -0400

Hello all,
i'm using cmn to notate some transcriptions of renaissance and late 
medieval music. i'm looking for a way to display the mark transcribers 
use to indicate there was a ligature in the original music (if you don't 
know what i'm talking about, lucky you). it's a square bracket, similar 
to a beat subdivision bracket, that goes above the staff over the notes 
that were originally ligated.

i tried to make something simple with apply #'mark etc., but it can only 
be attached to one note and won't span two or more. so i need to make 
something like begin-slur, end-slur and friends.

before i unplug the phone, roll up my sleeves, and dig into the cmn 
code, i wonder: has anyone on the list already made such a thing that 
they would like to share?

Bill Sack