[CM] snd 6.1

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 05:03:14 -0700

snd 6.1:

new version of contrib/edit123.scm from Tom Roth.

bess.scm (translation of CLM's bess.cl to Guile/sndlib/libxm)

added save-state-hook.

more resources and procedures in xm.c (XmWM protocol stuff, add-resource, etc)

added filter-control-coeffs (for use with CLM's FIR-filter)

added translator for IBM adpcm taken from Perry Cook's adpcmdec.c

the "temporary" phase-vocoder internal array names have finally been rationalized

added set-channel-drop example in snd-motif.scm

--with-modules configuration switch to put sndlib names in (Guile) modules.
  I can't decide whether this shuffle would buy anything in xm or Snd.

the time|lisp|transform graph-styles are now full-fledged variables, not some
  bit-wise hack (change to extensions.scm etc).

graph-lisp|time|transform? inverted to be lisp|time|transform-graph?
  graph-time-once -> graph-once
  graph-transform-once -> graph-once
  graph-time-as-wavogram -> graph-as-wavogram
  graph-transform-as-sonogram -> graph-as-sonogram
  graph-transform-as-spectrogram -> graph-as-spectrogram.
  dont-normalize-transform -> dont_normalize
  normalize-transform-by-channel -> normalize-by-channel
  normalize-transform-by-sound -> normalize-by-sound
  normalize-transform-globally -> normalize-globally
  set-oss-buffers -> mus-audio-set-oss-buffers
  old forms are defined in snd6.scm (and are currently built-in)

removed gtk-1 and gtkextra support.
removed NeXT audio support (and other unused code in audio.c).
removed (very obsolete, undocumented) names in "set-" -- to restore
  them, build Snd with -DWITH_SET_NAME=1

checked: gtkglext 0.5.1, guile-1.5.7, guile-1.6.0, Solaris 2.9
ccrma-ftp rpm's now use guile 1.6.0

bugfixes: Michael Scholz, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
bug reports: Ludger Brummer, Max Mathews, Stephen David Beck, Stephan Schwandter