[CM] Current status of CM on OS X ?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 07:53:58 -0700

> What's the current status of Common Music on Mac OS X ? Does it
> actually work as well as it did/does on OS 9 ? How does one go
> about getting it up and running, sending MIDI, et al ?

not sure yet. its works in mcl/os9.2 of course but i havent tried openmcl or
the new mcl 4.3.5  for osx. i dont have an osx machine, ill have to install
openmcl on the server and try it out via telnet. i certainly intend to
coninue supporting mcl and ill add openmcl as well if there are any issues
that prevent it from running now.

on the midi real time business, i really dont know what to say. it was
really a joy on the mac, but tobias says that Mi_D needs a rewrite for maxos
and OSX. Mi_D also needs support for Alsa on Linux. I simply dont have the
time to do this now or really anytime in the near/mid future. im hoping
someone can either do it or help me do it later.  Right now on the mac
CM-2.4.0 writes a midi file and then calls up QuickTime with the output
file. Note that this will only happen if you do: (set-midi-output-hook!