[CM] new tar of cm-2.4.0

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 09:25:29 -0500

>  A few questions about some different problems I'm having :
>    1. Is it possible to build a LISP image with CLM/CMN/CM all included
>? If so, how is it done ?

1 Sure. load each system (first delete any cm binaries you already have)

	(load "/usr/local/lisp/cmn/cmnall.lisp")
	(load "/usr/local/lisp/clm-2/all.lisp")
	(load "/usr/local/lisp/cm-2.4.0/src/cm.lisp")

2a If CM compiles any of its files, wait till its done, then quit and redo [1] again.

2b If CM doesnt  compile any of its files it will save a lisp image AND a cm startup script in:


3. Quit lisp and then set the permission of the script file. then use it ot start CM. Assuming you are in the main CM direcory do:

	> (ext:quit)    ; or whatever!	

	% chmod a+x cm-2.4.0/bin/cm
	% cm-2.4.0/bin/cm

you can move the script file to another directory if you want, ie /usr/local/bin or whatever.

>    2. Rick, could you give an example of using :display in CM when
>generating a CMN file ?

Hmmm. I dont even know what :display is! Maybe its a CMN grapics display option? Maybe someone can tell us...

>    3. When I try running ligeti.cm I get errors teling me that fg-mono,
>desordre-w/octave and desordre-voices are undefined. 

Oops, Im sorry -- that file shoulnt be there yet! I am slowly adding back examples as test them and fix bugs. Please ignore that file until the next tarball when it will be working. Sorry for the confusion!

>Is defprocess
>invalid now ?

No, but now that processes are just lisp procedures in 2.4.0 the macro is a bit silly. so i took it out because who needs another name for define/defun?
I guess maybe I should leave it in but not document it. sorry for this cofusion too!

Here it is for CL:

(defmacro defprocess (name args &body body)
  `(defun ,name ,args ,@body))

and for Scheme:

(defmacro defprocess (name args . body)
  `(define ,name (lambda ,args ,@body)))