[CM] CM 2.4.0 (Guile and CL)

rm@fabula.de rm@fabula.de
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:56:03 +0200

Hi Rick,

thanks for the great work!

On Fri, Oct 18, 2002 at 06:53:55AM -0500, Rick Taube wrote:
> [...]
> The Guile sources are my "official" sources. I now develop with these
> and then automatically generate CL sources from the Scheme sources using
> a translation program I wrote to do this. (src/stocl.lisp)

There seems to be a small bug in 'src/objects.scm', line 423:
        ((or (null tail) goal)
shouldn't this read '((or (null? tail) goal)' ?

> This release is a 100% brand new code. It should behave exactly
> the same in Guile and CL. THe only thing really missing at this point
> is support for direct-to-CLM-audio files. I've left this out until I
> have time to look at CLM/Snd in Guile. Its the very next thing on my
> list. Subsequent releases will add (back) CLM audio files, midi ports,
> plotter, and hopefully, realtime processes.

Just to spread the news (and since mail.gnu.org seems to be down you might
not have seen the anouncement): my friend Tomas just created Guile bindings
for the Gtk-Canvas widget (a backport of the GnomeCanvas widget to Gtk-1.2)
that work together with the "new" Gtk bindings for Guile (recent work of
Marius Vollmer). I'll fiddle with the Automake issues over the weekend but
if you want to have a quick look at the code there's a tarball at:


 Ralf Mattes