[CM] cm->cmn niente confusion

Bill Sack wsack@acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:23:48 -0400

i'm working with a cm algorithm that gets amplitudes from a function and 
passes them to cmn:
(setf dyn (cond ((= 1.0 amp) 'ffff)
                 ((<= .9 amp .99) 'fff)
                 ((<= amp 0) 'niente)))
(when (not (eq dyn old-dyn))
	(output (new cmn time (now) channel ch
                          data (list dyn)))
when this is evaluated, cm generates an .eps, but cmn signals an error:

; Saving /zap/test.cmn
; (hi.eps, hi-1.eps): page 1 2.
; Loading /zap/test.cmn
Error: attempt to call `N' which is an undefined function.
   [condition type: UNDEFINED-FUNCTION]

cmn's symbol for niente is ... niente, and cm is writing a .cmn file 
with just n.

       (f4 e (pp))
       (c4 e (n))

i grepped around in the cm source, but i honestly couldn't see where 
niente was being translated to n. i could just define n as niente in my 
own cmn start-up, but that seems like the edge of a slippery slope.

this is a minor inconvenience, but might it be fixable without too much 


Bill Sack