[CM] snd 6.2

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 04:49:06 -0700

Snd 6.2:

Not many visible changes in this version, but about
100 bugfixes.  The major bugs involved ptree-channel
in various edit history contexts. Other notable changes:

contrib/bess.rb and examp.rb thanks to Michael Scholz
show-font-name in snd-motif.scm
the record dialog seems to work now on the Sun
added --with-editres switch to configure, editres in xm
add-find-to-listener in snd-motif.scm to enable C-s and C-r in the listener
removed max-sounds (it is the same as (apply max (sounds)))

  strad.ins thanks to Juan Reyes.
  duration-bracket.lisp thanks to Anders Vinjar.
  Clm/Snd connection works now in cmucl.

checked: clisp 2.30, OSX 10.2, gcc 3.2, Redhat 8.0

bug reports: Michael Edwards, Andreas Mucha, Carl Edwards, Anders Vinjar,
  Dave Phillips, Bill Sack, Marco Trevisani, Joerg Beschorner, Michael Scholz,
  Dale Millen
bug fixes: Ralf Mattes, Michael Scholz, Anders Vinjar

In RedHat 8.0, it appears that gtkembedmoz has moved (I don't immediately
find the associated library at all), so the with-html switch probably
doesn't work; and I notice that the canonical documentation location
seems to be /usr/share/doc -- should I change the ccrma-ftp snd rpm's
to use that?