[CM] which lisp/scheme for future use?

rm@fabula.de rm@fabula.de
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 16:39:32 +0200

> I'd be wary of guile-gtk -- it has not been maintained in the
> past, and nothing I can see has changed recently; it's also, I think,
> gtk 1 only.  for gtk 2 see xg.c (snd/libxm); for low-level midi
> tie-ins that work in Linux, see midi.c (sndlib).

Hmm, Marius Vollmer recently released a new and polished-up version
of guile-gtk (for gtk1.2). It actually compiled out of the box 
(unlike earlier versions) and works really nice here.

On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 06:24:04AM -0700, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> > What about clm, cmn and scheme?
> clm already runs in scheme (via sndlib and a couple scm files in Snd);
> I should go through the CL version and see if anything important is
> missing.
> cmn could be translated to scheme; I'm hesitating because, frankly,
> I'm not sure what to do with cmn in general; it needs a user-interface,
> but that's a lot of work; I don't know what direction to push it in.
> What does the CM community want?

I'm not shure about the user interface -- i personally am very happy with
the text interface (esp. whe integrated into Xemacs). As a scheme user rather
than a LISPer (or better, CLTLer) i'd favour scheme but i would have to think
hard to find a good reason for scheme in favour of LISP.

  Ralf Mattes
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