[CM] some CM questions (long)

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sun, 6 Oct 2002 11:48:15 -0700

your problem is that you must load CLM before building CM, othewise CM cant
have access to CLM symbols when it builds. Do this:

1 Delete all cm fasl files (compiled files) whereever they are.
2 start up the base cmucl image, ie without clm or cm already in it
3 load CLM:
    (setf clm-directory "/whatever/")
    (load "/whatever/all.lisp")

4 load CM:
    (load "/whatever/cm-2.3.4/src/cm.lisp")

5 wait until CM compiles its sources then quit CMUCL
6. Then do steps 2,3,4 again.
This time only binary files will be loaded, ie no compiling and a lisp image
file will be saved somewhere, perhaps in the cm/bin subdirectory. this is an
image that you will start cmu up with. once cmu boots it will have clm and
cm loaded into it/

7. after booting the newly saved image try compiling and loading
    the ins file i suggested.
    (compile-file "/cm-2.3.4/etc/examples/fm.ins")
    (load ...)

8 At this point you should be able to do:
    (new fm ...)

9. DONT just load the examples file!  I have no idea what will happen if you
  do this. the examples are meant to be used "interactively". if you dont
use xemacs
   instead, then copy/paste each example into your lisp image to see if it
   go form by form. i cant stress enough how much Xemacs will help in this
   experimentation process.

10. send me the next problem list... ill check my cmu image when im at work