[CM] some CM questions

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 11:58:07 -0500

Hi, First, I assume you are using the latest CM version 2.3.4

>  2) How do I inform CM that I want it to provide CLM output if I
>specify it ? And how do I specify that I want the output going to a CLM
>file ?

just write to a .clm or .aiff file.  Of course the objects you output need to be appriopriate for the output stream. so assumeing (foo) produced CLM objects you would do:

	(events (foo) "/tmp/foo.clm")
	(events (foo) "/tmp/foo.aiff" 0 :srate 22050 :channels 2)

or whatever. you may want to initailize the files first, ie

	(io "test.aiff" channels 2 srate 44100)
	(events (whatever) "test.aiff")

if you compile any CLM .ins file then cm should automatically generate an object definition for you when you load the compied instument. so you dont have to do anything extra.  look in cm/etc/examples/fm.ins and then try compiling and loading it into your saved cm image. then do 

	(new fm frequency 440 amplitude .3)

or whatever and you should see some sort of object printout. 
the just use the fm object like you would a midi note or whatever.
i think there might be an example at the end of the fm.ins file (hope it still works...)

>  4) Docs on using CM are rather sparse. 

>:(   look in doc/ref for the documentation. 

im working on much better docs now but wont have anything more to say about this for several weeks.

>  5)  Will we see the plotter for X11 anytime soon ? (Sorry, I couldn't
>resist, it looks like such a great tool)...

i hope so. right now im finishing up integrating the new guile-influenced cm back into cltl. at that point i should have a really nice new kernel and can start to  look at the guile-gtk interface to do a version of plotter and more things as well. of course, a little help would help!