[CM] some CM questions

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri, 04 Oct 2002 12:01:02 -0500


  I'm using the latest CM with CMUCL 18d. It's pretty new to me, so I'm
running into some dead ends and am looking for some help. Here are my
immediate queries :

  1) I open LISP, I run (load "src/cm.lisp") from ~/cm/ and everything
goes perfectly. At the end of that load I read and obey the message that
says :

Byte Compiling Top-Level Form: 
; Compiling "cm:src;html.lisp".
; Loading "cm:bin;HTML.x86f".
;; Loading #p"/home/dlphilp/cm-2.3.4/etc/handlers.lisp".

; Sources were compiled. To save Common Music
; quit and restart Lisp, then reload cm.lisp.

    When I run (load "src/cm.lisp") again it creates a cm.core file in
~/cm/bin/ :

; [snip]
; Loading "cm:bin;HTML.x86f".
;; Loading #p"/home/dlphilp/cm-2.3.4/etc/handlers.lisp".
[Doing purification: Done.]
[Undoing binding stack... done]
[Saving current lisp image into /home/dlphilp/cm-2.3.4/bin/cm.core:
Writing 19130936 bytes from the Read-Only space at 0x10000000.
Writing 3456872 bytes from the Static space at 0x28000000.
Writing 4096 bytes from the Dynamic space at 0x48000000.

    'file cm.core' says it's just data, and giving it executable status
with chmod +x doesn't work. When I try to run it the shell complains
that it "cannot execute binary file". Any advice on all this ? From the
README gather that I should be creating a binary, is that correct ? Or
is there some other way I'm supposed to run cm.core ?

  2) How do I inform CM that I want it to provide CLM output if I
specify it ? And how do I specify that I want the output going to a CLM
file ?

  3) Is it possible to send CM output directly to CLM or CMN ? If so,
how ?

  4) Docs on using CM are rather sparse. I notice that Tobias's home has
links to material but the links are no longer active. Can anyone
recommend more tutorial pages ? I also have Nicky Hind's pages, btw.

  Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to get a lot of hands-on with
CM and the other Common apps in a short time. Thanks for any and all
assistance !

Best regards,

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