some observations, was Re: [CM] a to-snd question

marco trevisani
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 22:16:26 -0400

Il 01/10/2002 alle 04:22:48, -0700, Bill Schottstaedt ha scritto:

> > The xcmnw binary works fine, it's just not getting
> > called from any of the LISPs I've tried.
> Odd -- this is my standard way of testing cmn, so I'm sure it works
> in at least ACL -- I'll check cmucl.  xcmnw uses pipes for interjob
> communication, so, once again, Clisp is not going to work.  (In the
> best of all worlds, I'd make xen.h work in cmucl/acl, then the
> xm module could run in common lisp, and xcmnw could be written in
> lisp).

Hi Bill, i downloaded the latest cmn (running cmucl and compiled xcmnw
with no problems), i'm runnin a simple test (cmn (output-type :x) staff
bass b3 q) and i dont see any preview. No error are reported, the
<SCORE{XXXXXXXX}> is there ... if i launch, as a test, xcmnw it opens as
a empty window, white background, so i guess that is OK.

Any suggestion?

I always use postscript...and worked ok...since the x-files... subject
came out i gave a try...


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