Fw: [CM] Let's hear from CM 1.x users(?)

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:47:33 -0500

Rick Taube wrote:
> > ... I want sequencer type interaction with the ability to
> > combine it with algo processes.  It would be nice to see CM be able to do
> > "everything" compositionally like Csound for  synthesis/audio, these are
> this is what plotter does and i _will_ get it going in guile/linux. "points" in a plotter display are  your instnaces. you 
> specify what slots you want to assign to/upto 5 "dimensions" of interest (x y widht height color) algos can generate to a 
> whole plot or a portion of a plot, insert, replace, etc. there is "algorithmic" selecting and editing as well.
> >love to have such a tightly integrated environment as Ken suggests, and
> >I think that's how things are proceeding, yes ?
> yes, if by "proceeding" you mean "at the rate of a snail". but its is the very next thing on my list once im back in coding 
> mode. i am totally swamped until the end of december.

No fear, I understand your situation completely. As Ken wrote, we are
amazed at all the work you guys are able to get done with the time you
have. The fact that your work is freely available just raises our
respect another order of magnitude. :)

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