[CM] bug report and question

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 02:57:27 -0800

> (a4 e (text_ "be" (dy -0.35)) no-beam) (b4 e (_text_ "ne"))  ;;; there is a
> ;;;page break inserted by CMN
>  (c5 q (_text_ "di" (dy -0.45))) (c5 e (_text "ctus"))
> and there is a page break inside a word, the ending of word is set to first
> page, not to the second. Is it a bug? Or I do something wrong?

It's a bug -- I'll add it to my TODO list.

> Is there a feature like
> "no-line-mark" to tell to cmn that line break is prohibited here?

You can set automatic-line-breaks to nil, but then every line-break is
up to you.  The page-break mechanism looks for existing line breaks
and changes those to page breaks that come at page boundaries.
You can set all-output-in-one-file to t to turn this off.  It might
work to set line breaks explicitly in the bad spot -- it's not
impossible that CMN will accept them rather than make its own.

> And I have a question now --- why cmn does not show cautionary time-signature
> changes (at the and of line if change occurs at the beginning of next line)?

Because no-one has written the code, I guess.