[CM] first steps --- just testing

Juan Reyes juanig@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
11 Nov 2002 12:15:24 -0800

To load your file into Clisp just use Emacs or your favorite editor and
don't forget (in-package :cmn) at the start of your file. Name your file
name.cmn or name.lisp. This is the easiest way to work with cmn, since
most of your editing will be done with text and with emacs or vi.

You should change your defaults also, for example:

(transform '(0 1.0 -1 0 600 -10))

will change the orientation of your page but also you need to change its
measurements by changing  (page-height 8.5) (page-width 11.00) if its
lettersize and if you are using inches instead of centimeters. 

(*cmn-units* :cm.) changes units to centimeters. If you use A4 paper you
should measure it, and change your page-width and page-height values

For the left line you should start your file with (bar) on the bottom

You can change (automatic-bars nil) to disable auto grouping, although
is global. 

Different bar lines will appear once you get rid of the system brace at
the beginning.

Hope this helps,

  --* Juan

On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 10:50, Valery Beluntsov wrote:
> I downloaded clisp 1.28 and it's OK now, it works. Because I'm still new to 
> cmn, I have some simple questions.
> 1. How to load file to clisp? Now I start clisp, then copy-paste text to clisp 
> console and press enter. It works but it seems to be easier method...
> 2. Here's a small test code and output in attachment:
> (cmn (size 24)
> 	(system brace
> 		(staff treble (meter 6 8)
> 			(c4 q) (d4 q) (e4 q) (f4 q.) (af4 q. tenuto))
> 		(staff alto (meter 4 4)
> 			c3 h. b2 h. double-bar)))
> Why the image is turned to landscape orientation? What should I do to turn it 
> back?
> 3. Why do I see no left line here? What should I do to make it appear?
> 4. Automatic grouping is fine, but what should I do to make the second note in 
> the example look like one quarter? (Not to cancel automalic grouping 
> globally, but just for one note?)
> 5. Why 4/4 barline extends to upper staff? What should I do to keep barlines 
> in "theirs" staff only (e.g. for to have right and left hands  to play in 
> different meters when barlines should not match)?
> Thank you in advance,
> Valery