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Juan Pampin juan@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri, 8 Nov 2002 01:08:04 -0800

Thanks for this contribution Michael, your program runs great under Mac OS 
X!.  ATS file formats 5 and 6 would be very easy to add, in fact, 
internally (in lisp) ATS keeps independent time information for each 
partial, I built this in considering future multi-rate (wavelet-like) 
versions of ATS (I have a prototype of this running but needs some work 
yet, I guess that will have to wait until ATS-2.0!), the only reason I'm 
not writing this information out into ATS files is that I wasn't sure it 
could be useful for users and it would make files larger, but I can add 
those two formats for your applications no problem.

A few questions:

> - POSIX command-line version

-As ATS is free and open source, would you be willing to make your program 
open source as well?.

> - CLM only version (just a regular CLM instrument but using FFT 
> overlap-add)

I have something like this running but I'd need to work on adding the 
noise resynthesis to it, it shouldn't be hard but needs some time. 
Otherwise, if you make your code available it should be very easy to 
translate it into CLM.

> - GUI editor (cross platform)

-Pablo Di Liscia and I are working on an GUI for ATS called ATSH, maybe 
you have checked it out already, otherwise go to:


ATSH is in beta state yet. At this point we are working on adding the 
analysis component of ATS to it, ATSH uses GTK for graphics what makes it 
quite portable (we have it running on Linux, OS X, and Windows), analysis 
and synthesis functions are written in C.
Would you like to collaborate in this project?, It would be great to join 
our efforts and work together avoiding duplicate resources.

> - additions to ATS for cross synthesis, interpolations, etc.

I'm teaching an ATS class at University of Washington this quarter and 
will have a group of grad. students working on ATS related projects, 
hopefully this will lead to new interesting additions and instruments.

On Thursday, November 7, 2002, at 11:03 PM, Michael Klingbeil wrote:

> If anyone is using Juan Pampin's ATS under CLM, you might be interested 
> in a small application I wrote to resynthesize ATS format files. Mainly 
> the application is useful because the resynthesis is very fast (uses an 
> inverse FFT overlap-add method). Currently it only runs on MacOS Classic 
> or MacOS X (which will probably give it very limited appeal), but if 
> there is interest I hope to release a command-line only version for POSIX 
> type systems. For more information see:
> http://www.klingbeil.com/ats-syn.html
> I've also made a few modifications to ATS which, once I run the diffs, 
> might be able to be merged back into the ATS distribution.
> There are many possible future directions for this project and I'd be 
> interested to hear what people would find most useful. Possibilities:
> - CLM only version (just a regular CLM instrument but using FFT 
> overlap-add)
> - POSIX command-line version
> - GUI editor (cross platform)
> - ATS-style analysis implemented in C++ (for speed, on my lowly Mac it 
> isn't too fast!)
> - additions to ATS for cross synthesis, interpolations, etc.
> Best regards to all,
> Michael
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