[CM] cm,clm and sbcl

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 16 May 2002 04:46:08 -0700

> since clm 'works' using either these compilers on different platforms, or
> their parent compilers (probably also on different platforms), whcih would
> provide the most suitable for clm developemnt do you think?+

Does sbcl work on the PPC?  I thought it was x86-specific.  In the long term,
I think clisp is not an option; if it weren't for the fact that many CLM
users are using clisp, I'd remove support for it.  In terms of real-time
CLM work, I think sbcl will eventually be a fully functional option, and
have high hopes for openmcl (but haven't actually tried to use it yet).
In the longest term (...) I'm thinking of using the Snd optimizer to
replace the current horrible kludge of writing an intermediate C file.
This would simplify the FFI side of things, and do away with the current
redundant code in cmus.lisp (i.e. use clm.c in both programs). Basically
it would move about 15000 lines into the existing sndlib/Snd world,
leaving a CL wrapper.  (I have even toyed with a xen.h implementation
in acl so that clm2xen.c could be used as well).