[CM] cm,clm and sbcl

nik gaffney nik@xdv.org
Thu, 16 May 2002 13:30:57 +0200

thanks for this info,
 since im intersted in the realtime sysnthesis aspect of the clm system
would it make more sense to persevere with sbcl, and wait for a compatible
ffi.lisp ?
using debian on ppc, there are 3 options (it seems) for cl
 -sbcl (derived from cmucl)
 -openmcl (derived from macintosh cl)

since clm 'works' using either these compilers on different platforms, or
their parent compilers (probably also on different platforms), whcih would
provide the most suitable for clm developemnt do you think?+

>>  and the run macro "cannot handle CONTROL in (CONTROL SIMP-ON)"
>> when i try loading the simple realtime example
> This is due to a Clisp limitation -- it has no foreign function
> interface worth the name, so the real-time stuff cannot work.
>> sbcl is derived from cmucl, with a few changes in focus.
>> so, porting from cmucl to sbcl shouldnt be to difficult (famous last
>> words)
> CMN works in sbcl (with a minor change to cmn-init.lisp),
> but CLM doesn't;  I made a few hundred changes for sbcl, but
> finally stopped when I hit (in ffi.lisp):