[CM] Re: clm newbie needs big help!

Michael Klingbeil michael@klingbeil.com
Sat, 29 Jun 2002 19:51:47 -0400

Now that you mention it I remember encountering this problem as well. 
No need to reinstall clsip. Just get the "dlcompat" package which is 
available via Fink dselect. I think once that is installed everything 
will work (famous last words!). Apparently this wasn't set up as a 
dependency for clisp.

I found using clisp less than satisfying for work with CLM/CM on 
MacOS X but your experience may differ. I got used to MCL and Rick 
Taube's plotter, so moving to clisp was a bit unpleasant.

Someday some other LISPs should become available for MacOS X. I have 
tried out OpenMCL but I haven't attempted to build either CLM or CM. 
Right now OpenMCL claims to lack support for dynamic loading 
unloading of libraries. Maybe dlcompat offers a solution to that 

>Hi Michael,
>Thanks for the great advice. Yes, its very helpful! Am having a bit 
>of a hang up w/ clisp installation, though.
>Ive gone through the process of installing Fink - which was easy - 
>as you noted. Following that i selected clisp to be installed. Fink 
>doesnt seem to have completely installed clisp, however. When i try 
>to run clisp i get an error:
>dyld: /sw/lib/clisp/base/lisp.run can't open library: 
>/sw/lib/libdl.0.dylib  (No such file or directory, errno = 2)
>Have looked around on my disk and can't find 'libdl.0.dylib'.
>It seems rather suspicious that there would be a file missing. 
>Wondering if for some reason there was a screw up as Fink was 
>installing clisp on my machine? Or maybe there is a problem w/ the 
>clisp version available?
>Any thoughts on this? Should i try having Fink install clisp again? 
>(am on a slow modem connection - so it takes a bit of time. . .)
>am running macos 10.1.5 - if that makes any difference
>oh, and if it does come to it - maybe i will try building clisp from 
>sources w/ bash (thanks for the link). though i have no excitement 
>about doing so. . .
>On Friday, June 28, 2002, at 09:47  PM, Michael Klingbeil wrote:
>>From: Michael Klingbeil <michael@klingbeil.com>
>>Date: Fri Jun 28, 2002  09:47:53  PM US/Pacific
>>To: Joseph L Anderson <j.l.anderson@bham.ac.uk>
>>Subject: Re: [CM] (no subject)
>>An easier way might be to download a precompiled version of clisp. 
>>The Fink project at http://fink.sourceforge.net is probably one of 
>>the best sources of ports for MacOS X / Darwin. It is based on the 
>>Debian package management system.
>>This page:
>>has some simple directions for getting started. Once fink is 
>>installed run dselect at the terminal and select the packages you 
>>want to install. Currently clisp is at version 2-2.27-1, but this 
>>seems to work fine for building clm.
>>Once clisp is installed, the building of clm should be relatively 
>>Also you'll need to have the Apple Developer Tools installed 
>>(http://developer.apple.com/tools/macosxtools.html) for the C 
>>compiler, but perhaps you already have that.
>>If you still want to build clisp from the sources you could try 
>>getting a pre-compiled bash from one of the following places:
>>(From GNU MacOS X Public Archive at http://www.osxgnu.org/)
>>I hope this information is helpful.
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